All-Terrain Hoverboard

The Warrior 8.5 inch Off Road Hoverboard is made from a perfect combination of UL approved materials which make up its sturdy structure that guarantees durability while keeping you safe during rides and allowing you enjoy this hoverboard for years to come.

With 8.5 inch solid tires and 700 watts motor you can be sure of a smooth and easier ride on all terrains. So, feel free to ride on grass, dirt, gravel or wet surfaces. Ride like a warrior!

For the music lovers, we have added a Built-in branded high quality music speaker to allow you play your music when riding the hoverboard. No ride will be more fun than this!

The Self balancing technology used for this hoverboard makes it easier and safe for new riders. Master the art of balancing in minutes!

WHY BUY THIS? This baby is all-terrain. It can cruise on grass, dirt, gravel, or wet surfaces. It is like the Ford Bronco of Hoverboards. Don’t f#ck with it. Their motto is Ride Like a Warrior. But not you. It is for your kids, who will be entertained for hours riding this baby. Or at least until the battery runs out. You will also need to buy a helmet. Again, it is not for you. So do not try it. We repeat, do not try it. But it is tempting, so if you do try it, because you are a Warrior and need to look cool for your kids, make sure your well protected with knee and elbow pads and a helmet. Okay, Buehler? Trust us, your ability to balance yourself is not like it used to be. You can review this video of an adult falling off hoverboard. Hey, it happens. Oh, this baby has a built in Bluetooth speaker so you can jam to Christopher Cross’ Sailing while you are going off-road. Yep, you just bought it.


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