All-Terrain Hoverboard

Dual 250W motors reach a max speed of 7.5mph and climb inclines up to 15°. With a 144Wh big battery, you can travel up to 7.5 miles per charge (Please note that actual performance may vary depending on user weight and terrain). Made from durable materials and fortified with a sturdy structure, passed a rigorous UL drop test to ensure both durability and secure riding.

The Gotrax E4 all-terrain hoverboard is built with 8.5″ widened and bigger offroad tires, providing better grip and stability on any terrain. The enhanced comfort makes your ride smooth and enjoyable, and easily rolling over small obstacles sets it apart from others. It’s perfect for adventure-seekers who love to ride on all kinds of roads.

Built-in music speaker, simply connect the board with your phone can play your favorite song on the go. Kids enjoy the bright LED light, E4 with front light which can illuminate the road at night, making night riding safer. These fun features, increase the hoverboard fun, especially riding with friends.

Gotrax self-balancing scooter have passed the strict electrical, battery, and charger systems tested, and meet UL2272 safety standards to ensure safety. Each Gotrax hoverboard back is affixed with a UL certification label. The indicator light will make you stay in known of the battery situation, and also with overheat protection, over large angle riding protection.

WHY BUY THIS? Because this baby is an all-terrain hoverboard. It can cruise on grass, dirt, gravel, or wet surfaces. It’s like the Ford Bronco of Hoverboards. Don’t f#ck with it. Your motto is Ride Like a Warrior. But not you. This all-terrain hoverboard is for your kids and adults who will be entertained for hours riding this baby. Or until the battery runs out. You’ll also need  a helmet for this all-terrain hoverboard. Again, it’s not for you. So don’t try it. We repeat, don’t try it. But it’s tempting. So if you try this all-terrain hoverboard, because you are a Warrior and need to look cool for your kids, make sure your well protected with knee and elbow pads and a helmet. Okay, Buehler?

Trust us, your ability to balance yourself is not like it used to be. You can review this video of an adult falling off hoverboard. Hey, it happens. Oh, this baby has a built in Bluetooth speaker. You know, so you can jam to Christopher Cross’ Sailing while you are going off-road. Yep, you just bought it. You can also review other ways to Entertain Your Kids While You Watch Football in Your Man Cave. Oh, and here is one that is designed specifically for adults…

adult board