A Viking King and His Shieldmaiden Live Here

Vintage viking decor for bars, pubs, taverns, saloons, a man cave, patio, garage and basement.

Avoid hanging in direct sunlight to ensure the colors stay true for years to come.

Made of sturdy 24-gauge steel, not flimsy tin, and have 4 holes for hanging.

WHY BUY THIS? Because this belongs on one of your Man Cave walls. C’mon, wouldn’t you want to be a Viking in one of your previous lives. Does that make sense? And if you’re going to be a Viking, you might as well be a Viking King. Oh, and clearly you will need a Viking Mug for your Man Cave. Because you’re, well, a Viking King. And your spouse is a Viking Queen. You can also take a look at the Viking Ship Artwork. Or, you can consider this Viking Code Tin Sign…

Viking Code Tin Sign


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