Man Walks into Bar

We’ve all heard the story – a man walks into a bar, and…well, it’s up to you to decide the rest! This charming decor features a black and white color palette with a coordinating border.

With a distressed, vintage finish, this wall art will coordinate perfectly with any decor scheme in your Man Cave.

WHY BUY THIS? Because A Man Walks Into a Bar is a perfect simple sign that is reflective of the joke itself. So simple that should be placed somewhere in your Man Cave. Preferably somewhere behind your Home Bar. We mean, this sign reminds you of how many jokes during your lifetime you’ve heard that start with “A man walks into a bar…” Plenty we’re sure. Also, did you know that an episode of NCIS had the same title. You do now. You can also add to your Man Cave the A Man Walks into a Bar Joke Book. And you know, it’s Five O’ Clock Somewhere. Or Beer O’ ClockOr, you can have a rule in your Man Cave that there is No Drinking Until Five. Oh, and how about this Roman Walks into a Bar T-Shirt…

Roman Walks into Bar T Shirt