3-Tier Bar Glass Rimmer

Margarita salt rimmer has a lightweight separate-tier compartment design saving space for storage and makes your home bar special. 

Just cover the rim with the sponge, gently press down on the cocktail glass to produce a perfect layer of juice to hold the salted or sugared rim. The juice sponge is washable and reusable. 

Easy to use and mess-free, this cocktail glass rimmer is the perfect bar tool for the bustling, busy cocktail bar.

WHY BUY THIS? Because you will need some type of device that assists you, such as a margarita glass salter. So, buy this 3-tier bar glass rimmer or margarita salter, put it somewhere in your home bar, and break it out whenever you plan on making multiple Margaritas. This 3-tier bar glass rimmer also includes a cocktail recipe card for Bloody Mary’s and Gimlets. And you’ll need the Perfect Margarita Mix. Or, if you want to forego putting any effort into making a margarita, then consider the Bartesian Cocktail and Margarita Machine. It’s like drink robot. Still, you’ll need to salt the glass, so you can consider this version for your Man Cave home bar…