Black Bears Canoeing Coasters

Whimsical 3 Black Bear Canoeing Hunter Green Coaster Set from Old River Outdoors – (4) coasters and holder. Holder and coasters made from hard, durable poly-resin material. The coasters are lined with cork with a bear paw image. Holder and coasters have rubber feet. Coasters measure approximately 3 1/4″ diameter.

WHY BUY THIS? Because you’ll need something to protect your Man Cave Home Bar from spillage.  And why not a set of coasters with a family of Black Bears Canoeing. How cute is that? Oh, and this may be the only item in your Man Cave that gets your spouse’s approval. And you want that approval on something, because, you know, it’s a trade-off. “Honey, I’ll get these cute Black Bears Canoeing coasters that you like if I can get the 98” television.” If you like Bears, or want to make your Man Cave more Rustic, then take a look at the 3D Bear Wall Art. Or, you can consider this cute Sleeping Black Bear Coasters Set…

Sleeping Black Bear Coaster Set