1940’s Diner Menu Sign

040″ Aluminum – 12 inches x 18 inches w/ rounded corners and mounting holes.

 4 predrilled holes in the corners.

Proudly made in the USA. Order ship within 1-2 days from our shop in Northern California.

WHY BUY THIS? Because you need something retro for your Man Cave and why not a menu dating from the 1940s. And you can dream about purchasing a cheeseburger for a mere $0.55. Well, factoring in inflation, a cheeseburger at this establishment in 1945 would cost $8.58 today. So maybe it wasn’t that cheap. Seriously, here is the Inflation Calculator. You can also consider this Personalized Retro Diner Sign to hang somewhere in your Man Cave…

Personalized Retro Diner Sign


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