1920 Marine Telescope

Antique style High quality Telescope with beautiful case, beautiful gift for everyone.

Magnification : 25X, Tube Length :15″ inches, Material Used:: Solid Brass

This handheld spyglass telescope uses push-and-pull mechanism to focus distant objects. You need to pull out all the three tubes completely and slowly push the barrel inside, while looking through the telescope, till the desired object becomes clear.

WHY BUY THIS? Because this 1920 Marine telescope is just cool looking and would make great décor for your Man Cave. And it’s fairly inexpensive. You can use it too. Seriously, if you’re near-sighted or far-sighted or somewhere in the middle, just use this 1920 Marine telescope to watch the game on television. There are other options too, including this 1818 Tracker Spyglass Scope or this 1920 Dollond London Pirate Spyglass. You can also take a look at the Telescope for your kids to use. So you can watch football in your Man Cave. Or, you an consider this antique hexagonal brass scope.

antique hexagonal brass scope