Globe Bar Cart

Hand-crafted With Solid Hardwood Legs, Mdf and Decoupage Applied Paper Maps for Decorative Purposes, Not a Precision Map/Globe.

Includes All-In-One Corkscrew, Wine Bottle Opener and Foil Cutter Included – Favorite tool of sommeliers, waiters and bartenders!

16th Century Replica –  this globe bar is full of old world charm and the best place for your port, brandy, whiskey decanter and stemware!

WHY BUY THIS?  This is not technically a globe. Well, it is, but it’s a globe bar cart cabinet. And as for the globe aspect, it depicts the world as of the 16th century, or so we think. Didn’t most folks still think the world was flat back in that day? Well, maybe not after Columbus, or the Vikings, discovered America. Ah, we’re not history buffs. We just want to hang out in our Man Cave and watch football. And we just think this bar cabinet is unique and cool looking and would make a nice addition to any Man Cave. For other liquor cabinet ideas, there is also a similar Globe Bar Cart Cabinet with an extended shelf. Also, you can consider the Da Vinci Cabinet for your liquor storage. You can also take a look at the Tabletop Globe Liquor Cabinet. Or, you can consider this Italian-Style World Map Cocktail Bar Steamer…

Cocktail Bar Steamer