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Beer Stein Anyone?

Have an Oktoberfest Every Saturday in Your Man Cave

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What country was the ole’ Beer Stein invented in? That’s not a trick question. Yes, Germany, the home of Oktoberfest.  As a result of the bubonic plague and the invasions of flies in Europe, Germany established laws to require beverage containers to be covered for sanitary purposes.  Hence, the German Beer Stein Mug. Ah, and Oktoberfest. It should be on everyone’s bucket list…

We recommend an annual Oktoberfest event in your Man Cave. Or it can be a neighborhood thing instead of a plain old block party. Otherwise, just have a Toga Party. Yes, Toga! Toga! Toga!…

But back to the ole’ Beer Stein Mug. Did you know that American produces a substantial amount of Beer Steins, but the largest producer of Beer Steins is in Brazil. It makes sense since they have the Carnival do Rio de Janeiro, which is just a big party for six-days with about two million people per day on the streets of Rio. And in case you are interested in going to the parade at the Carnaval…

In contrast, Mardi Gras has about half the number of people per day on the streets of New Orleans. And if you are thinking about going to Mardi Gras…

And just for the record, because Gorillas have opposable thumbs, it would be capable of opening the lid of a Beer Stein Mug.

Just a fun fact to store away in case you are at a big business meeting and you want to break the ice, just say, “Hey, did you know that a Gorilla is capable of drinking out of beer stein.”  You are sure to close the deal.

Now that you have the history, albeit brief, and a fun fact relating to the Beer Stein, aka Tankard, let’s get right down to business. You need several beer steins in your Man Cave. It should be a hobby, like collecting baseball cards, or collecting wives as did King Soloman. Yes, he had over 700 wives, all with different names, just to make it tough on him to remember each one. On the other hand, Henry the VIII only had six wives, and upon divorce, he didn’t have to pay alimony. He just cut off their heads.

As you can probably tell, we love Beer Steins. Otherwise, why would we write an article on essentially just Beer Steins. We have a collection of our own. In fact, there are many unique and cool looking Beer Steins or Tankards, it was hard for us to recommend just a few. Instead, we list ten Beer Steins and Tankards, and even mugs that we consider a Beer Stein. Again, these are not ranked in any particular order, and of course, there are plenty of other Beer Steins we did not list in this article that we’re sure are worthy of your Man Cave. Just like our position on televisions, your decision shouldn’t be whether you need a Beer Stein for your Man Cave, but how many Beer Steins you should have in your Man Cave…

Leprechaun Beer Stein

WHY BUY THIS? Because just look at it. It’s a must-have for your Man Cave. This limited edition hand-painted Irish themed beer stein features three panels depicting traditional Irish symbols – shamrocks, a horseshoe, a flag of Ireland, Celtic knots and a harp set against a dark cobalt blue background. And of course, on the front a smiling Leprechaun holds out a mug frothing over with beer for a toast. The banner reads “Ireland” and a version of the Irish coat of arms features the Blarney Stone. You can also consider the Ireland Glass Beer Stein. Or even the Guinness Dimpled Beer Mug.

Das Boot Beer Stein

German Oktoberfest das boot beer stein

WHY BUY THIS? Because this is a combination boot and beer stein. Beerfest? It has two lion patterns in Germany, and there is also a German Bayern Lion made of Pewter materials on the lid. But most importantly, it will hold .6 liters of beer, which equates to just over 20 ounces. Get two of them for your Man Cave. Otherwise, how about the German Horn Beer Stein. This attractive stein shows the Deutschland (Germany) eagle holding the German flags.Or the Weihenstephaner German Beer Boot Glass.  You can also consider the Ceramic Beer Boot, which actually looks like a Timberland boot.

Germany Coats of Arms Beer Stein Mug

WHY BUY THIS? Why not have at least one Beer Stein in your Man Cave with the coat of arms of the country, uh Germany, that produced the ole’ Beer Stein Mug. It’s ceramic, and holds 20.5 ounces of liquid, uh, preferably beer type liquid. It’s also designed to keep your beer cold as you watch football in your Man Cave.

Ceramic German Beer Stein

ceramic German beer stein

WHY BUY THIS? Described as a ceramic tankard with a handle and pewter lid, which holds 20.5 fluid ounces of any liquid, but again, preferably beer. Hey, it features a detailed engraved relief of farm and pattern of Frankfurt romer. This is a keeper.

The Red Baron Beer Stein Limited Edition

WHY BUY THIS? You’ve heard of the Red Baron, but you may have not known who he actually was unless you are a WW1 buff.  He was known in English as Baron von Richthofen or the Red Baron, who was a fighter pilot with the German Air Force during WW1 and considered the ace-of-aces of the war, being officially credited with around 80 air combat victories. Now that you know who he is, you can drink beer out of a Beer Stein Mug dedicated to him.

German Glass Beer Stein

German beer stein glass

WHY BUY THIS? Because this German-themed glass beer mug is engraved with a colorful and exquisite German Bayern lion relief. And it will hold 500 ml of liquid, which equates to  17.5 oz ounces. It is not only a real beer mug, but also can be used as an ornament. But we think it’s better served to hold beer. You know, to drink while you hang out in your Man Cave as your friends jealously watch you drink out of this masterpiece of a drinking vessel.

Germany Oktoberfest Tankard

Oktoberfest Beer Stein

WHY BUY THIS? Ah, the Oktoberfest Tankard. Finally. This German-Themed ceramic beer stein features a detailed engraved Bavarian Beer Carnival and Oktoberfest relief. It is not just real beer mug but can be used as a decoration in your Man Cave. Yes, a decoration that you drink from. And if you really want to get the feel of Oktoberfest in your Man Cave, just ask your wife to dress up in a costume such as this…

…which she’d probably decline, you may have to settle for drinking a Hofbrau Oktoberfestbier out of this Beer Stein, which has a perfect five star rating on Amazon.

Home Made Beer Stein with Lid

wooden beer mug with lid

WHY BUY THIS? Okay, it’s not all about Germany when it comes to Beer Stein Mugs. This is a heavy-duty Beer Stein, made from real, high-quality oak wood, which holds up to 22 ounces of beer.

United States Marine Corps Beer Stein

USMC Beer Stein
WHY BUY THIS?  Well, how about showing your support to your country, that is, if you are a US citizen, with USMC Beer Stein. Even before America was founded, there were Marines fighting for its future. Now, you can honor the Few and the Proud with this porcelain beer stein. This handsome stein is filled with design elements that mark it as uniquely Marine, making it an exceptional U.S. Marine Corps collectible! The centerpiece is a sculpted medallion that’s embellished with 22K gold and hand-set on the front. It dramatically showcases the Eagle, Globe and Anchor while the words to the “Marine’s Hymn” are emblazoned in golden lettering on the back. A zinc alloy topper with an eagle adorned in the stars and stripes completes the top. A second Eagle, Globe and Anchor emblem can be found on the thumb rest. The handle is embellished with golden braiding to complete this stately 32-ounce drink-safe masterpiece. You can also consider a ceramic Marine Corps Beer Stein. Or the USA Glass Stein.

Black Eagle Castle Beer Stein

black eagle castle beer stein

WHY BUY THIS? Okay, we are back to a German-themed Bear Stein. This particular Beer Stein is just cool looking. We mean, take a look at the picture below. With its rugged design and masculine appeal, this beer stein is tailored for men who appreciate a good pint. And it combines style and functionality in one.

Personalized Glass Beer Stein

WHY BUY THIS? Because you can personalize this glass beer stein without whatever you want. Such as your name. Or how about a movie quote. You know, “Greed is Good.” Or, “What’s the first rule of Fight Club?” And this beer stein is made of a smooth, sturdy glass body with a high quality pewter lid with a starburst light-reflecting pattern on the bottom. There you go. It also holds approximately 13.5 ounces of liquid. You can handle that. Otherwise, you can consider another version of a Personalized Traditional German Beer Stein

Rustic Wooden Beer Tankard

WHY BUY THIS? This falls into the medieval category. It does not have the top of a typical Beer Stein, but it’s handcrafted, and eco-friendly. What more do you want? Okay, you want an orange leather strap around the bottom and top of the tankard. You got it.

Viking Beer Mug

WHY BUY THIS? This is a Man’s Beer Stein. Okay, they call this a beer mug but we believe it qualifies as a Beer Stein. We mean, just look at the handle. We know, there’s no top like a typical Beer Stein, but this is what Viking’s used to drink beer when they were hanging out in America well before Christopher Columbus apparently discovered it. Okay, we may be a bit off on our history, or maybe not, but you get the point. And the description explains that you should “Treat your guests like medieval kings while watching the football game or serve them a refreshing beer at the pub. Add style to your man cave or home bar with this medieval barrel mug with the carved handle Viking beer mug.”  This should be in your Man Cave.

King Tut Beer Stein Tankard

WHY BUY THIS? This is smaller than the other Beer Steins shown here and we recognize that it’s more like a beer mug than a Beer Stein. But it’s King Tut. You know, he was about eight when he became Pharaoh. In contrast, you were probably picking dandelions in the outfield playing little league baseball when you were eight. And he married his half-sister, which was not frowned upon back in his day. If you don’t use this to drink beer, it would make a fine coffee cup to kick start your morning before that marathon football Saturday or Sunday. And if you also have King Tut’s chair in your Man Cave, then you will definitely be King of your household, and who doesn’t want to be a King.


In addition to Beer Steins and Tankards, you should also have one or two Goblets for your Man Cave. You know, for drinking wine with your spouse in the Man Cave as you watch Game of Thrones after putting your kids to bed. Do you really want to drink out of a boring old crystal wine glass? Of course not, rather you need a friggin’ Goblet, or two, and here are a mere three that should get your juices flowing…

Medieval Blue Dragon Wine Goblet

medieval blue dragon goblet

WHY BUY THIS? Did you know that “Dragons symbolize the fire of a love relationship.” This awesome dragon cup has Gothic dragon head reliefs on both sides, the handles are dragon scales, the grip is comfortable, non-slip and wear-resistant, and the bottom is a sharp dragon claw design. It’ just waiting for your conquest. And you should buy two of them, uh, one for you, and one for your spouse, so you can enjoy a nice 15.8 ounce glass of red wine in your Man Cave. We guarantee you will get bonus points.

Holy Grail Cup

holy grail cup

WHY BUY THIS? Have you seen Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade? Ah Venice…

We’ve seen it about 47 times, which in our opinion, is the best of the four Indiana Jones movies. In case you need a “refresher course” (uh, Fletch) or if you were born after 1985, Indiana, or Junior as he called by his Dad, is in search of his father, who disappeared while looking for the Holy Grail, which is supposed to give eternal life to those who sip from it.  In the movie, though, it only offers immortality for those who do not leave the temple where its located. Hey, imagine if you had the opportunity for immortality as long as you never left your Man Cave. We think you need two Holy Grail’s for you Man Cave. Just in case one breaks.

Game of Thrones Goblet

game of thrones goblet

WHY BUY THIS? Who wouldn’t want this? Eight seasons on HBO. Not sure what else we can say other than it had a bevy of beautiful woman (and men) on the show. And this Goblet is “Painstakingly hand-painted” so hopefully nobody hurt themselves making this.

Final Thoughts

Beer Steins are not just for Oktoberfest, though you can have an Oktoberfest-themed event in your Man Cave. In October…and, uh, every other month during the year. Or, just drinking beer out of a German Beer Stein could be a weekly tradition. Beer Steins can also be displayed on a shelf in your Man Cave, and utilized of course whenever your drinking beer. Beer and Beer Steins, they go together like football, beer, and Beer Steins. So, go collect a few for your Man Cave.  And a least one Goblet, preferably the Holy Grail.

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