Funny Drinking Signs

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Wall décor, such as funny drinking signs, is an easy way to spice up your Man Cave. And there are plenty of humorous sign available. You can always get a What Happens in Your Man Cave, Stays in Your Man Cave Sign, but you already know that to be the case. There’s no need to advertise it. Unless you want to.

Anyway, here are several funny drinking signs you can consider for your Man Cave.

Bar Rules and Tips Sign

Bar Rules and Tips Sign

This unique and funny drinking sign rules and retro style can bring a playful and lighthearted vibe to your Man Cave. You can also take a look at another Bar Rules Tin Sign. And even another Funny One. Or the Bartender is Always Right Sign.

Vintage Funny Drinking Sign

vintage funny drinking sign

This is the classic and funny – I only drink on days that start with “T” sign. Perfect for a Man Cave. You can take a look at another version of this Funny Drinking Sign.  Or a Neon Sign. And even a T-Shirt.

Funny Cat Tin Sign

Funny Cat Tin Sign

The “Chemically Speaking Alcohol Is A Solution” Cat Tin Sign is ideal for styling up your Man Cave. Even if you’re not a cat person. You can also consider the classic Show Me Your Tito’s Cat Sign. Or if you prefer dogs, then take a look at the Drinking Cattle Dog Sign.

Whiskey and Bad Decisions Sign

Whiskey and Bad Decisions Sign

This sign speaks for itself. We’ve all made bad decisions when drinking whiskey. It’s a given. No matter what age, but most likely in our younger days. You can also consider the Whiskey and Bad Decisions Throw Pillow. And you’ll also need the Bad Decisions Make Good Stories Whiskey Glass.

Funny Sign to Drink Sign

Funny Drinking Sign for Man Cave

Do you really need a sign to drink sign? Of course not. But it’s funny. And it will brighten up your Man Cave. You can also consider another version of the Sign to Drink Tonight Sign. Or how about the 14″ Bottle Cap Version continuing the same slogan.

It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere Sign

It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere Sign

This belongs in your Man Cave since you’ve probably responded with this line at least several times during your lifetime. So far. And how about the Tiki Version. You can also consider the Neon Version too. Otherwise, you can take a look at the humorous No Drinking Until After 5 Sign.

Funny Irish Meal Sign

funny Irish meal sign

Ah, six pints of Guinness. We like the sound of that. You can take a look at another version of the Irish Meal Sign. And how about the Leprechaun Drinking Sign. Take a look. Finally, you’ll need the Green Guinness Ceramic Tankard.

No Working During Drinking Hours Sign

No working during drinking hours sign

You don’t want to be that guy that take a work call while you’re watching March Madness with your friends in your Man Cave. Well, the No Working During Drinking Hours Sign will be a friendly reminder.

Funny Homer Simpson Beer Sign

C’mon, you need Homer Simpson somewhere in your Man Cave. And why not this funny sign of Homer about to enjoy a nice cold Duff beer. Just looking at him makes us laugh. And how about the Homer Simpson Birthday’s and Beer Sign. Or the Vintage Homer Beer Sign. Oh, and you’ll need a Duff Beer Mug.

Eye of the Beerholder Sign

Beauty is in the eye of the beerholder sign

Funny drinking sign to hang somewhere in your Man Cave. And it won’t fade. Of course, you can consider Another Version with the same slogan. And why not a Funny T-Shirt.

Beer Understands Sign

Beer Understands Sign

So true. The Beer Understands Sign belongs in your Man Cave. And you can have the funny slogan on a Sweatshirt on those colds days in your basement bar.