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Whiskey Decanter Set

Find a Whiskey Decanter Set for your Man Cave

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What is the purpose of a whiskey decanter? Well, it supposedly allows aromas to oxidize and will serve as a more appealing vehicle than a bottle. And if you’re  still not certain whether you need one for your Man Cave, here are 6 Reasons Why You Should Use a Whiskey Decanter.

Will it actually make your bourbon or whiskey taste better? We’re not sure. But many experts are of the belief that it will not improve the flavor. Why? Because, unlike wine, exposing whiskey or bourbon to oxygen will do nothing to enhance the flavor. And unless you’re a connoisseur of the dark liquor, rather than a weekend warrior whiskey drinker, it’s probably unlikely you can tell the difference between a decanted glass of whiskey or a glass of bourbon poured straight from the bottle.

Hey, you could probably have an outing in your Man Cave where you and friends have a test amongst yourselves. You know, to see whether you can pick the decanted whiskey or bourbon. C’mon, you remember the 80’s and the Pepsi challenge with Coca-Cola. Well, in case it slipped your memory or you’re not a product of the one of the best decades ever, then maybe you need a refresher course (uh, that a reference to Fletch)…

That’s Gabe Kaplan, who played Mr. Kotter in the classic late 70’s sitcom Welcome Back Kotter, which also starred John Travolta as Vinnie Barbarino, one of the sweathogs…

And if you still have a DVD player, you can get the Complete Series of Welcome Back Kotter. Okay, back on topic. So even if a whiskey decanter doesn’t improve the flavor, it seems that a decanter will at least preserve the life of whiskey. As well as maintaining the quality of the dark liquor. And there’s no harm in transferring whiskey or bourbon into a decanter unless you want to showcase the bottle for your friends. But you can still achieve that modest goal by leaving a little bit of bourbon in your vintage Papi’s to display on your Industrial Rustic Floating Shelf.

In addition, you have to consider the aesthetics of a liquor decanter. They just look nice. And don’t you want to impress your friends? Of course, you do. We mean, why do you by a car? Okay, maybe for practicality, but if it’s a choice between a Honda Civic and a BMW, which way are you leaning.

Finally, we need to provide the standard disclaimer when it comes to drinking whiskey. It tends to lead to bad decisions. So, you should probably take a look at some Whiskey and Bad Decisions Apparel. Or, consider this sign for your Man Cave…

Whiskey and Bad Decisions Sign

Anyway, these are our suggestions, in no particular order, for at least one liquor decanter or set for your Man Cave…

Traditional Decanter Set

Traditional Whiskey Decanter Liquor Set

The first option for a whiskey decanter set is a traditional or classic glass or crystal version such as this. In fact, you will “take your drinking experience to the next level with this luxurious decanter whiskey and glass set.” And your “Bourbon, good liquors and blends deserve to be regarded with respect.” You can also consider the clean and simple Mount Everest Whiskey Decanter Set with Glasses, the beautiful Whiskey Decanter Set with Glasses and Wooden Base or the Irish Cut Decanter for your Jameson.

Vintage Car Whiskey Decanter

Vintage Car Whiskey Decanter Set

The vintage car is made of real wood and entirely hand made. You don’t even need to use this as a decanter. Just stick it somewhere in your Man Cave, maybe on top of your home bar.  Seriously, it can merely to hold your favorite bottle of bourbon or whiskey. You can also consider the similarly exquisite looking Model T Whiskey Decanter Set or simply get all three as well as this Old Fashioned Car Decanter and become a collector of vintage automobile decanters. Or if transportation vehicles is your interest, you can consider a unique and elegant Motorcycle Decanter.

Middle Finger Whiskey Decanter Set

Middle Finger Whiskey Decanter Set

Add some humor to your Man Cave with this Middle Finger Whiskey Decanter Set. It’a handmade and hand-blown to achieve its unique shape and design. The handcrafted middle finger decanter allows the liquor to breathe to reveal more flavor. So give life the middle finger while enjoying your bottle of whiskey. We think life’s stresses will melt away with each sip! You can also consider the Middle Finger Whiskey Glass.  It features a 3D middle finger right in the middle of the glass! Or how about the not as offensive Thumbs Up Decanter Set. Yeah, it’s kind of boring. Or the F#ck this F#cking Day Wine Glass. We’ve all had plenty of those f#cking days. And you can add the F#ck You – You F#cking F#ck Shot Glass. Take a gulp from it after a long day of work. Finally, you should consider the Middle Finger Scented Candle for your Man Cave. It will highlight your unique style.

Gas Pump Decanter Set

Gas Pump Decanter

This gas pump whiskey decanter set with glasses is a tribute to the American car culture. The car and vintage gas station design will bring your Man Cave back to the old days when the words “service station” actually meant something. It includes 1 gas station-style decanter, 2 car-style glasses, 1 cap with stopper and 1 vintage-style postcard. This gas pump whiskey decanter set will provide a generous capacity for your drinking. Ideal for your favorite scotch, irish whiskey, cognac, brandy, mixers, blends or bourbon. You can also add the Gas Pump Liquor Dispenser for your home bar to deliver your drink smoothly. And how about a black and white Vintage Gas Station Canvas for one of your basement bar walls.

Firetruck Whiskey Decanter Set

Firetruck Whiskey Decanter Set

You can put some Jim Beam in this vintage Firetruck Whiskey Decanter, which includes a set of rocks glasses. As described, “This handsome decanter is a fun and personalized way to enjoy your favorite whiskey, bourbon or scotch.” And it would be a “perfect addition to any firefighter’s home bar that will make toasting evermore special!” Though we don’t think you necessarily have to be a firefighter to have this firetruck whiskey decanter set in your Man Cave filled with Jim Beam, or whatever liquor of choice. And speaking of trucks, you can consider this Pick-Up Truck Decanter or Truck Decanter.

Golf Cart Decanter Set

Golf Cart Whiskey Liquor Decanter Set

If you’re an avid golfer, or even a high-handicapped hacker, or occasional golfer, this would make a great conversation piece for your Man Cave. And it comes with two golf ball whiskey glasses. As described, the “large artisan designed decanter inside the golf cart is a beautiful way to serve expensive alcohol.” Or even mid-priced bourbon or whiskey. You can also consider the Golf Club Decanter with Two Golf Ball Whiskey Glasses, which will “take your hosting skills to the next level.” We mean, who doesn’t want to be a next level host. There is also another version of a Golf Themed Decanter.

And in keeping with a Sports-themed Man Cave, take a look at the Godinger Baseball Bat Decanter Set or the Baseball Bat Decanter and Four Glasses. Now if the gridiron perks your interest, then consider the Football Whiskey Decanter Set with Glasses. And even the Football Uprights Whiskey Decanter Set. Or a decanter of what appears to be an Arm Extended from the Ground About to Throw a Football. Good luck choosing just one sports-related decanter.

Atlas Globe Liquor Decanter

Atlas Globe Liquor Decanter Set

Ah, the weight of the world sits on your shoulders. There’s so much on your mind. Responsibilities. Decisions. But why buy this for your Man Cave. Well, because its Atlas holding the World on his shoulders, well, maybe just some bourbon or whiskey in a glass globe decanter. But you know the deal, Zeus enslaved Atlas to holding up the earth on his shoulders for all eternity. There is another version of the Atlas World Globe Decanter Set, which he appears to be standing more upright. And if you’re an Atlas guru, you can also take a look at the Atlas Bar Cabinet.

Blackjack Whiskey Decanter Set

Crafted in the sleek form of a straight flush and complemented by the elegance of ace card shaped glasses, this blackjack whiskey decanter set provides casino-style aesthetic to your Man Cave. It’s perfect for anyone who enjoys taking risks and seizing opportunities. Or just likes the game of 21. We think you’ll strike jackpot with this daring and stylish Blackjack inspired decanter set! You can also condor the Slot Whiskey Decanter Set. It include four dice-shaped glasses. And you can add the Poker Chip Whiskey Glass Set to your Man Cave barware collection. 

Airplane Decanter Set

airplane whiskey decanter set

This liquor decanter set will “sit majestically on its movable wheels with style and grace.” And a bonus, you get two airplane glasses. As described, “This beautifully built model airplane with a mouth blown decanter and 2 airplane glasses is a must have. The Airplane model is reminiscent of old times and the wood base has an amber hue which makes this a beautiful home piece.” We think you should add this to your Man Cave. And why not go full airplane mode and add the Airplane Cocktail Shaker.  You can also consider the Jet Decanter Set or the Whiskey Decanter Airplane Globe Set. Finally, if you’re a space lover, adventurer, or risk taker, then consider the Rocket Whiskey Decanter for your Man Cave.

Patriotic Liquor Decanter

Patriotic Liquor Decanter

This would be a nice addition to your Man Cave. The liquor decanter is engraved with “We The People” and American Flag, and the patriotic whiskey glass is engraved with the original text of the Constitution of the United Sates. Pretty cool, huh? Well, you can also consider the American Eagle Whiskey Decanter Set, which include two Whiskey Glasses with the American Flag. Or the Declaration of Independence Patriotic Decanter. Finally, you should consider the Pledge of Allegiance Rocks Glasses as part of your Man Cave barware.

Roaring Tiger Whiskey Decanter

Roaring Tiger Whiskey Decanter

Well, if you need a whiskey decanter for your Man Cave, then why not one of a Tiger, the King of the Jungle…oh, wait, that’s the Lion. Still, the Tiger should be co-King of the Jungle. And this glass decanter is “mouth-blown by skilled glass artisans in Turkey.” What is mouth-blown, you ask? Okay, we know what you’re thinking. Actually, mouth-blown glass is when the glassmaker molds the glass by blowing into the tube while rotating the glass to shape it. There you go. You learn something new every day. And if you want the King of the Jungle, take a look at the Lion Whiskey Decanter.

Other decanter animals to consider is the Charging Bull, the Horse Derby Glass Figurine, the Big Horn Sheep, the Cheetah Decanter, and even Two Dragons Playing with Pearls. Or even the Dog Decanter, for well, dog lovers. And you will need additional barware, and you can take a look at the Double Exposure Bear Whiskey Glasses Finally, how about a Classic Decanter with a Wolf-shaped stopper. Seriously, take a look. It’s not only unique, but conveys power and strength. Perfect for your Man Cave.

Whiskey Decanter with Ship

Whiskey Decanter with Ship

We’re sure you’re asking yourself – how do they get that detailed ship inside the decanter? Or maybe you’ll ask that question to your kid. And they can google it, rather than use the Encyclopedia Britannica that, if you were an 80’s man, is how you did your research. Oh, and this will look like a sunken ship once filled with your favorite alcoholic beverage. You can also consider another version of the Whiskey Decanter with Ship or a Globe Shaped Version.

Final Thoughts

We don’t think its absolutely necessary to have a whiskey decanter set for your Man Cave. That is, if the sole purpose is to improve the flavor of your dark liquor. Rather, our sense is a liquor decanter will simply provide class and decor to your weekend retreat. Unless you want the Middle Finger Decanter, then that may void the elegance you’re looking for in your Man Cave. But your friends would appreciate it. In addition to the decanters specified in this article, there are so many choices, including a Star Wars Stormtrooper Decanter. And if your outdoorsmen who likes fishing, you can consider a Bass Decanter Set or Sailfish Decanter. You can even get a Lighted Liquor Decanter. Yes, there are many options, and you can peruse these Decanters & Shakers, but we do think you need at least one whiskey decanter set for your Man Cave.

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