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Entertain Your Kids

Keep Your Kids Entertained While You Watch Football in Your Man Cave

We note that this article contains affiliate links, including products from Amazon, such as the products listed herein that are designed to entertain your kids. As an Amazon associate, we may earn a Commission at no extra cost to you on qualifying purchases.

It has been a tough couple of years. Especially if you have young children, and especially when it comes to school and ways to entertain your kids. Fortunately, they are no longer engaged in virtual learning, which, for the most part, required parent’s complete attention. We are certain that there was that rare (or frequent) occasion that you entered your child’s room only to find him or her asleep at the desk while the teacher was busy explaining what an Isosceles Triangle is, something your child will find useful for the remainder of his life. You know, kind of like the metric system. Okay, maybe it was just us whose kids fell asleep during virtual learning. And not that we have anything against virtual learning, it was necessary and we appreciated the teacher’s efforts, but we’re sure there was a collective scream of excitement when all the parents in your school district found out that they were going back to in-person learning.

However, not only did it impact how parents dealt with school, but it also forced us to become more creative in ways to entertain our kids, especially as parents transitioned to working at home. No more play dates. No more birthday parties that filled up about three hours during the weekend. Rather, it was about building a gigantic fort in your house out of every piece of furniture, pillows, and comforters imaginable. Anything, to keep your children engaged for a few hours. We mean, who cares that it took an hour to clean-up the mess. You accomplished your goal. To entertain your kids.

It was also about building a mini-golf course in your house using cups or cans as the hole and having obstacles. And if you need a guidance (not that you can’t figure it out yourself), this gentleman can explain to you how to set up a mini-golf course in your own home.

Oh, and if you have boys who were constantly getting on each other’s nerves, a boxing match was not out of the question. Okay, let’s make it clear, the boxing match involving heavily cushioned hands and no hitting in the face, such that it was impossible to get hurt, which nobody did. Also, we note, a requested rematch was denied. We know, allowing your children to have a boxing match may not put you in the Parent’s Hall of Fame. And just for record, they don’t have a Parent’s Hall of Fame.

Still, you can apply those skills learned during the pandemic on how to keep your children entertained to today’s lesson, which is how to keep your kids entertained long enough to allow you to watch football in your Man Cave. We recognize that there are plenty of inexpensive creative ways to do that, and if you are looking for ideas, here are two articles that may be worth reading. The first is 35 Activities to Keep Your Kids busy while you work or study. The Second is 42 easy activities to keep kids busy while parents work at home.

But do you really want your children engaged in muffin-pan sorting, or dress-up, or painting rocks? Again, there is nothing wrong with these activities as long as they entertain your kids. Rather, we find that the following ten products or items should entertain your kids long enough to allow you to sneak off to your Man Cave to watch the Alabama-LSU football game. Why? Because you need a break from parenting. And if you need a chaperone, since some of the products listed below probably require one, that’s what a babysitter is for…that’s what your parents, the older-sibling, in-laws, and even your spouse (as long as its reciprocal) is for. So here we go. This is our Top 10 in no particular order of ranking…

Inflatable Giant Water Slide

Inflatable Giant water slide

WHY BUY THIS? Water slides such as these were not around in the 80’s. Or even the 90’s. Heck, we’re not sure when these became available, but there is no doubt that you had to be a lot more creative to have fun with water in our day. If you didn’t have a pool or access to a pool, reusable water balloons or spraying the hose at each other, that was about it. But we are sure this giant inflatable will keep the kids entertained for a few hours, and make your spouse happy. It’s fairly simple to set up. It takes about 20 minutes. Then hire a babysitter, as we are sure there is a teenager in the neighborhood willing to babysit, and enjoy the football game. Or, purchase an outdoor television, and chaperone and watch football at the same time. The one downside to owning this item is it involves water, and must dry out before putting back in storage. Still, this Man Cave product (and it qualifies as long as it allows you more time in your Man Cave) is worth it, and as we attest, it will get plenty of use.


outdoor trampoline

WHY BUY THIS? C’mon, how fun is a trampoline. It is even good exercise, and should entertain your kids for hours or until you have to make a run to Urgent Care because someone gets hurt, but at least you can keep an eye on them while you watch part of a game, assuming you have a window in your Man Cave. That is, if you don’t have a chaperone. In fact, trampolining should tire your kids out so they will fall asleep early and you will be able to watch the night football game without interruption. And unlike the inflatable listed above, this can be used for most of the year (as long as you don’t live in Minnesota or Wisconsin). The one downside is it could be an eyesore in your yard, but you should be fine as long as you keep it in your backyard and out of sight from the neighbors. Hey, you can pay of ton of dinero every time you take your kids to an indoor Trampoline Park. Or just buy this. Yeah, that’s what we thought.

Rechargeable Laser Tag

Entertain Your Kids with Laser Tag

WHY BUY THIS? This could easily be number one on our list, and it would definitely make the College Football Playoff, we mean, the Stuff to Entertain Your Kids Playoff. This can be played inside or outside. And what kid does not like playing Laser Tag? Or for that matter, what adult does not like playing? But this is for your kids and friends to play. You know, so that you can watch football in your Man Cave. Well, we guess you can play too, since you were once “California State Laser Tag Champion” as you tell your kids who are still gullible enough to believe anything you say. But Laser Tag requires a moderate of level of exercise, since you actually have to move around, especially if you play outside with your kids. But technically you can hide somewhere the entire game. Like in your Man Cave while you watch a football game. There you go.

All-Terrain Hoverboard

all-terrain hoverboard

WHY BUY THIS? This is an item that you will want for yourself. Seriously, this baby is all-terrain. It can cruise on grass, dirt, gravel, or wet surfaces. It is like the Ford Bronco of Hoverboards. Don’t f#ck with it. The motto is Ride Like a Warrior. But not you. It is to entertain your kids, who will be for hours riding this baby, or at least until the battery runs out. But we have a feeling you will be tempted to give it a test drive. And we can’t blame you. But just in case, you may want to review this video of an adult falling off hoverboard.

Hey, it happens. So, buy one of these for each kid and maybe, just maybe, one for yourself. Don’t worry, you have insurance. Or you should.


Entertain Your Kids with a Telescope

WHY BUY THIS? Hey, we had to put something in our Top 10 that was educational. And a product that can be used at night to allow you to watch the late evening Saturday night football games. Well, this is it. Ah, who doesn’t want a telescope. You remember when you were a kid, and always looking up at the stars, and trying to point out the Big Dipper to the cute girl who lived down the street. Okay, maybe not. But maybe one of your kids will enjoy using a telescope so much that they will want to become an Astronomer. Or an Astronaut. The point is that if you set this up in your backyard on a Saturday night, your kids can peruse the night sky for hours, even focusing on where Neil Armstrong once roamed or the Andromeda Galaxy, which we are certain you know where it is in the night sky. Well, hopefully they can stay interested long enough for you to watch the first half of the prime time night game.

Whiffle Ball

Entertain your kids with whiffle ball

WHY BUY THIS? This is old school. And one of our sleeper picks for our top 10 list of Products or Items to Entertain Your Kids. You know, kind of like the Bearcats making the College Football playoff. But if your prime was the 80’s, then you played a little whiffle ball or two in your youth days. In fact, we are sure you had two-man teams and tournaments that lasted throughout the day, with a double elimination format scribbled down on a crumpled piece of yellow paper. Listen, whiffle ball is the great American pastime. You know, the long thin yellow bat with holes in the balls that, depending on how you held it, allowed you to throw a curveball or screwball. A spacious backyard is all you need for Whiffle Ball, though a home run fence would be nice too. Be wary, you will tear up your lawn so if your one of those dudes who wants the perfect lawn, Whiffle Ball is not for you. And you can play Whiffle Ball with your kids without expending too much energy. Okay, maybe you risk pulling a hamstring. It has happened before. Oh, and you will need some bases for your backyard too. And you may have to get Big Papi’s Whiffle Ball Bat, though it may not be legal for backyard Whiffle Ball (make sure you check out Big Papi’s video). Oh, heck, who cares…

Bounce House

bounce house

WHY BUY THIS? A bounce house such as this is probably more suited for younger kids (ages 3-10 in fact). It’s big, and can fit multiple youngsters, and the probability for injuries is less likely than a Trampoline, though an Urgent Care visit is still a possibility. This probably could be set up outside or inside (as long as you have high enough ceilings). No tools or additional supplies needed. And no water involved. You set this baby up in the middle of the day, and your kids and their friends will be bouncing for hours, or until someone gets hurt, just like the Trampoline. But they will be tired, and asleep early, so you can watch the night game in the Man Cave in peace. You buy this, and you will be the talk of the block! At least that is what is says in the description.


Entertain your kids with pickle ball

WHY BUY THIS? Everybody plays Pickleball. It’s the game of the future just like Mood Rings were the ring of the future or Pet Rocks were the rocks of the future. Okay, maybe these aren’t good analogies. But Pickleball does seem fun. And it’s pretty simple. Just find an empty tennis court, and hit a plastic whiffle ball over the net with paddles. At least you are not chasing around tennis balls that fly over the fence. You can play with your kids, but remember, it involves movement that could cause a pulled muscle, and the purpose of Pickleball is to entertain your kids while you hang out in your Man Cave. Not keep you occupied. And unless you have a tennis court in your backyard, you will need a Pickleball Net. It’s worth it if it can keep your kids occupied for an hour or so.

Derby Dash

Entertain your kids with a horse racing game

WHY BUY THIS? We are not sure this is aimed at kids, but it’s never too early to introduce them to the world of horse racing. This product is for those rainy days where your kids are forced inside, and you don’t feel like setting up the bounce house in your basement. Or, set up the bounce house, and also make it a game day, and include Derby Dash as well as Left, Center, Right, which is not a drinking game, and Klask, the award winning party game of skill. Hey, you might be able to hang in your Man Cave all day and night. And Derby Dash can involve some, well, betting, and drinking. Oh wait, sorry, it’s for your kids. Still, it can teach them the important skill of money management (well, so could Monopoly, we guess), and the drinking part should only consist of juice boxes or Dr. Brown’s Black Cherry Soda, a Mancavia non-alcoholic favorite. And maybe playing Derby Dash (which has a solid 5 Star rating on Amazon) will result in one of your kids one day becoming a bookie, we mean, an executive for one of the on-line gaming companies that we are sure will be ruling the world someday.

SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop

Entertain your kids with a mini basketball hoop

WHY BUY THIS? We recommend the showtime version. It has a 60 second shot clock so your kids can compete with each other as long as they can count for themselves how many foul shots they made. Sure, there will be no arguing about how many shots were made. C’mon, siblings don’t argue with each other. If they do, just have a boxing match between them to settle whatever their fighting about. But seriously, this is easy to set up, and should keep them entertained long enough for you to finish watching the game you were watching while they were playing on their All-Terrain Hoverboard. Otherwise, you can buy Pop-A-Shot, which we love, but it’s a bit more expensive and is a space-eater and your kids probably won’t be playing it every day. But then again, you and your buddies could be betting, we mean, competing against each other in Pop-A-Shot with the loser, maybe, having to take a big swig of beer. That’s never happened in a bar before.

Final Thoughts

This Top 10 list of products to entertain your kids is just a tip of the iceberg as to the products or items you can buy to keep your children entertained. For example, you can go old school, similar to Whiffle Ball, and get a Red Kickball for your kids to kick around in the backyard or in the cul-de-sac, if you live on one. Or you can even go old, old school, and get them this cool Evil Knievel Stunt Motorcycle. It “jumps, crashes, flips, and more…” You remember in 1967 when Evil Knievel, before the Snake River Canyon jump, attempted to jump the fountains at Caesars Palace in Vegas. And succeeded, well kind of…

Yeah, we want one for our Man Cave. And we’re sure it won’t get your kids interested in trying to do stunts on their bicycle. You know, trying to jump over 14 garbage cans like the Fonz.

Or if you want to play it safe, just buy several Nerf Guns to play indoors or outdoors. Yes, they do sell Nerf Protective Glasses.

For additional suggestions for ways to entertain your kids, please visit the Mancavia Marketplace. We’re sure you’ll find an item or two that would assist you in your quest to Keep Your Kids Entertained whether you’re watching football in your Man Cave or just spending some quality time with your spouse.

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