Cool Coasters

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C’mon, you need at least one set of cool coasters for your Man Cave. Why? Well, do you trust your friends not to spill any beer on your home bar. Of course not. And you don’t want to mess up your home bar with those pesky water stains. The purpose of a coaster, uh, well, is to rest your drink and protect your furniture from unwanted condensation. But do you want just ordinary coasters for your basement bar? Heck no. Rather, you need at least one cool coaster set.

So, here are our several cool coasters options you can consider for your Man Cave.

Airplane Instrument Coaster Set

airplane instrument coaster set

These set of four airplane coasters are replicas of real aircraft instruments. Each coaster features a different photographic image of an actual airplane instrument. You can also consider a similar Wooden Aviation Drink Coasters for your home bar. And speaking of an aviation theme, how about the Whiskey and Wine Airplane Decanter Set. Or even the Airplane Propeller Wall Clock.

Guinness Coaster Set

Guinness Coaster Set

Elevate your Home Bar with this  coaster set featuring the iconic Guinness logo, designed in classic black and gold, that resembles a charming barrel. The coasters come with a sturdy barrel-shaped wooden holder, providing both practical storage and a decorative touch to your basement bar area. And we think you should also add the Guinness Mug to your barware collection. As well as the Guinness Signature Pine Glass or the Guinness Toucan Pint Glass. Finally, how about the Darth Vader Guinness Metal Sign for one of your Man Cave walls.

Octopus Coaster Set

Octopus Coaster Set

Decorate your Home Bar with this beautiful and functional Octopus coaster set. It includes a holder and four coasters. Made from hard, durable poly-resin material with a beautiful pewter finish. Coasters measure 3 3/8″ diameter. Non-skid rubber feet on bottom of coasters and holder. You can also take a look at the Octopus Wine Bottle Holder. And even the Octopus Wine Stopper. Or how the Blue Octopus Wall Sculpture for one of your Man Cave wall.

Barrel Stave Coaster

barrel stave coaster

Decadently designed to allow the perfect resting place for your favorite spirits, this beautiful cool dark walnut coaster will transform your home bar into a space that is second to none. The coaster tray will add a true touch of class to your man cave. Each piece is made from repurposed wine barrels and this tray includes a Glencarin glass so you can enjoy your favorite spirits in style!  You can also consider the Whiskey Bourbon Barrel Coaster Set.

Bigfoot Coaster Set

bigfoot starry night coaster set

This original high-quality coaster set  boasts sharp detail and vivid imagery of Bigfoot, Starry Night. Coasters measure 4″ x 4″ each. Set of four matching images. It’s printed on absorbent ceramic, which will soak up condensation or any beer spillage. Or how about the Rustic Bigfoot Coaster Set for your basement bar. Or even the cool looking Bigfoot Northwest Tour Coaster Set.

NFL Barrel Coaster Set

NFL Barrel Coaster Set

What better way to showcase your fanhood with these NFL barrel coasters for your mansuary. You’ll get five coasters in a mini-barrel. Most NFL teams are available. And you can always Turn your Man Cave into a Sports Bar.  You can also take a look at other available NFL Team Coasters. And how about the NFL Team Ultra Thin LED Wall Light. Or the NFL Team 3D Wall Art.

Natural Wood Coaster Set

natural wood coaster set

This cool coaster set is handcrafted with all-natural, organic materials. Made of 100% pure Paulownia wood, each piece has its own unique look and design. The hardwood Paulownia makes these coasters durable easy to clean. The bowl-shaped coasters will protect your home bar from stains or water rings. Put an end to those pesky water rings and annoying moisture damage on your furniture!  Each coaster set comes with beautifully finished wooden coasters as well as a modern, sleek coaster holder for the perfect décor addition to any Man Cave. You can also consider the cool Epoxy Wood Coaster Set

Cool Wooden Mini Pallet Coaster Set

wooden mini pallet coaster set

You can use this coaster set to instantly elevate your Man Cave decor while also creating a conversation piece with these wooden mini pallet beer coasters. These coasters for drinks will protect your home bar from unwanted damage left by water, and condensation left by beer mugs. You can also display your patriotism with the American Flag Distressed Wood Look Coaster Set

Cool Black Slate Coaster Set

black slate coaster set

The black slate coasters for drinks are built with 3 soft pads on the bottom to prevent your cup from slipping off and scratching your home bar. It’s thick enough to be heat-resistant, suitable for both cold and hot drinks. These coasters are made of 100% natural slate, its edge as irregular as its original without processing, and the cup coasters are washable. Extra-unique for your Man Cave. You can also consider the handcrafted Rocking Chair Coaster Set

Black Bear Coaster Set

black bear coaster set

You can share fun stories and moments over a drink on top of this black bear coaster and holder. It consists of 5 wood-style barefoot designed drink coasters with holder. So get your buddies around and break open the beers!  These rustic cool drink coasters for drinks are meticulously designed to help you leave the best impression. This unique black bear holder and barefoot coaster set are made to look like a real bear. You can also consider another cute Black Bear Coaster Set.  Or even the Sleepy Black Bear Coaster Set.  Or the rustic Bear Paw Coaster Set. Take a look. Finally, in keeping with a Rustic Theme, how about the Log Cabin Coaster Set

Personalized Coaster Set

personalized coaster set

Why not a personalized coaster set for your basement bar? Of you and your spouse? Or, you and your friends?  Or even you and your pet. This personalized coaster set is made of absorbent stone to absorb excess condensation from beverages. And the cork backing will protect your Man Cave home bar from scratches and stains.

Fire Truck Coaster Set

fire truck coaster set

This fire truck coaster set is no ordinary coaster set. It is solid, strong, and built to last. It also boasts a fantastic outdoorsman, woodsman and hunter’s theme. It’s just perfect for your beer, coffee, or glass of mulled wine. And in case you’re not sure what mulled wine is, well, it’s made with red wine, along with various mulling spices and sometimes raisins. It can be served hot or warm.

Motorcycle Coasters

motorcycle coasters

The slate motorcycle coasters vary from 3/16″ to 1/4″ thick, is approximately 4″ diameter, and have a natural chipped edge. They’re all unique due to being comprised of natural material, so they’ll have different variation in the surface. And they have rubber feet on the bottom so they don’t scratch the surface they’re on. And you can always add a Motorcycle Decanter to your home bar. Or how about a Vintage Motorcycle with Sidecar Wine Bottle Holder. And if you’re a cycle, you can consider the Pretty Girl on a Motorcycle Canvas for one of your Man Cave walls. Or even the Motorcycle Iron Wall Sculpture