Butler Tray Table

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You deserve to be pampered in your own Man Cave? And why not add a Butler Tray Side Table somewhere in your basement bar area. What’s the purpose of it? Well, simply to serve food and drinks to you and your guests. Okay, you actually have to get the food and drinks and put it on the butler table. But you get the point. And aesthetically it will look cool and you can put it almost next to any seating location you choose. You can take a look at the Anubis Statue for starters.

Otherwise, here are several butler table options you can consider for your Man Cave.

French Made Butler Table

French maid butler table

Look no further than this French maid butler tray table for your Man Cave. It’s hand-cast using real crushed stone bonded with high quality designer resin. It’s also  individually hand-finished by the Design Toscano artisans. 

Otherwise, you can consider Francois for your side table. The handy round serving tray will holds your drink at the end of your Man Den Recliner.

Waiter Butler Statue

waiter butler statue

Now this is a butler side tray table for your Man Cave. And the price can’t be beat. Otherwise, you can consider Coco the Parisian Poodle serving table for your basement bar area. Standing nearly three feet tall from her fluffy hairdo to her pompom slippers, Coco will accent your by holding champagne cocktails next to you Favorite Chair. Otherwise, how about the Chef Serving Table for your Man Cave.

Lady Pirate Serving Statue

life size lady pirate serving statue

Yes, this is quite expensive. But it also quite impressive at six feet tall. And it would add a Pirate flair to your Man Cave. This Lady Pirate butler side tray table is beautifully handcrafted, and meticulously hand painted with pride in the Philippines using only the finest quality resin materials. Each one is slightly different and extremely unique!

Mother and Son Polar Bear Tray Table

mother and son polar bear statue

Aww, c’mon, look how cute this Polar Bear butler serving tray table is. Your spouse would approve. And this exquisite and creative decor will instantly enhance the taste and style of your Man Cave. No matter what kind of style and space, it can be matched with creative decoration.

You can also consider the Standing Bear Round Table Tray or the Polar Bear with Sunglasses Serving Table for your basement bar area. Or the Polar Bear Landing Tray. Otherwise, if you prefer Penguins, how about the Nordic Penguin Modern Statue.

Nutcracker Pedestal Stand

nutcracker pedestal stand

You’ve seen the Nutcracker, haven’t you? Okay, if you have at least one daughter, you surely have. This Nutcracker butler tray table, which is inspired by the nutcrackers in Tchaikovsky ‘s famous Nutcracker Suite with beloved Clara, is  a pedestal stand ready to hold your cup of eggnog on Christmas morning. Or maybe just your fine Whiskey and any old night. That works for us too.

Drink Serving Parrot Butler

drink serving parrot butler

Tiki Bar anyone? This inexpensive Drink Serving Parrot Butler is made from durable sand-cast aluminum. It’s hand-painted in a rainbow of colors on his body with a bronze beak, feet, and tray. And it’s powder-coated for outdoor weather resistance. This cool new Parrot Butler is a fun and festive tropical parrot statue that holds a rimmed tray in its wing. It’s perfect for serving up tropical drinks or snacks in your Man Cave. You can also consider a similar Tropical Parrot Statue Tray. 

Frog Butler Statue

frog butler statue with tray

This cute and funny Frog Butler Statue is meticulously hand-painted. It ensures a high-quality and vibrant finish. He wears a little red blazer, a black-and-white striped vest over a button-up dress shirt, a red bow tie, a pocket watch, and black-and-gold shoes. It will liven up and add a sense of fun to your Man Cave.