Beer Games

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We know, drinking beer and man caves are essentially intertwined. And you can simply be satisfied enjoying a cold one with your friends as you watch football in your basement haven. We mean, do you really need to engage in any drinking games. And if so, you can always flip a coin. Heads you drink, tails I drink. Or, if the quarterback completes this pass, you drink. If he doesn’t, I drink. No skill involved. And if you’re looking for skill, in our day when most folks walked three miles to school in bear feet, we simply played a game called quarters. You remember it. Bounce a quarter into a beer-filled glass, and then point to the person you want to drink it. Do they still play quarters? And do they have a Quarters Hall of Fame? They should.

Anyway, we think you should have at least one type of drinking game ready and available in your Man Cave. Just for social entertainment purposes. And obviously drink responsibly. You can consider the PPlink-A-Drink Bottle Opener for your Man Cave. Or the Beer Bottle Opener Game. Otherwise, here are our five beer games options you can consider for your Man Cave.

Beer Pong Games

beer pong games

You only need to have a table big enough for this beer pong table mat to enjoy the beer pong. You can simply place it on your home bar. The beer pong table mat, with unique design, is made of high-quality PVC material. The surface is waterproof, easy to clean, and tear resistant.In order to prevent the beer pong table mat from creases, it is best to roll it up instead of folding it. The beer pong cups are  thicker and better than the usual disposable cups. So you can enjoy plenty of drinking, outrageous challenges, and plenty of laughs playin the iconic game of beer pong.

You can also take a look at the Portable Beer Pong Table.  Or the Post Malone Beer Pong Game. There’s a 20-second electronic shot clock that delivers funny and motivational cues from the man himself. There is also BucketBall, which is similar to beer pong. Just bigger. And it can be played either inside or outside. Finally, if you want to get crazy, how about Glow in the Dark Beer Pong. Let the fun begin.

Tabletop Cornhole Game

tabletop cornhole game

You’ve played cornhole before? And you’ve watched competitive cornhole on ESPN. Admit it. Okay then, look no further than this tabletop cornhole game set! You can play solo or with teams. It’s endless hours of fun. Plus, it’s a great way to get some exercise – just try not to get too competitive and knock any of your opponent’s bags into the hole! The game includes a cornhole board, six bean bags, four shot glasses that can be filled with beer. It’s sure to provide hours of fun. Or until the next football game starts.

You can also consider the Tailgating Pros Cornhole Board Set. Or you can consider the Budweiser Can Shaped Cornhole Game. Otherwise, how about the Cornhole and Pong Combo Table. That’s like having a dual threat Quarterback on your team.

Jenga Beer Game

jenga beer game

Just like cornhole, you’ve played Jenga before. Without your kids. It’s funs. And it involves skill. Well, this version involves drinking too. It’s a game of balance, dexterity, and lots of shots! A drunken twist on an all-time classic, this tower shot drinking game will be a hit in your Man Cave. It comes with 4 shot glasses and 60 wooden blocks with drinking challenges. You can also consider the Buzzed Blocks Adult Drinking Game.



The name says it all. DRINKO. You think it involves drinking? Okay, we recognize that there’s not much skill involved in this particular beer drinking game. But it’s the perfect game to play with a group of friends! And metal pegs means no breaking… accept no cheap, imitation version! Oh, and if you’re looking for simple games, how about the True Dice Drinking Game. One die decides the Who, the other decides the How Much. Just shake it up, and drink it down.

Drink-A-Palooza Board Game 

drink-a-palooza board game

This beer drinking game combines all the best party games for an epic game night party! The only board game for adults to go viral and deemed the Monopoly of Drinking Games! It mixes your favorite adult drinking games with card games to make it perfect for your Man Cave. So get your drinking crew over for a fun game night full of drinking. Grab some drinking glasses, your favorite beverage and roll the dice to get your night started. GAME ON! If you land on a Drinking Card spot, then draw a card and play that group card game. If you roll onto a Challenge Space; spin the bottle to choose your opponent. Then battle it out in beer pong, flip cup, and quarters to win mini bottles.

You can also consider the Drunk-Opoly. It involves lots of drinking, outrageous challenges, laughs, and photographic evidence! This is an absolutely messed up take on classic Monopoly. Otherwise, you can take a look at These Cards Will Get You Drunk, which needs no explanation.