Bear Decor

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Ah, the Bear. Everybody loves them. Ferocious, yet cute and cuddly. You can learn about 80 Interesting Bear Facts. Like there closest relative is the Seal. Figures, Seals are adorable too. And Bears are big, strong, and fast. How fast? Well, they can run up to forty miles per hour. So don’t try to out run it. Even if you’re Usain Bolt. You can find out What to Do if You See a Bear. And petting a Bear is not an option. Still, we think some Bear stuff will add that rustic flair to your Man Cave. Even if your basement bar area isn’t Rustic-Themed.

So, here are several Bear decor options you can consider for your Man Cave.

Faux Bear Skin Rug

Faux Bear Skin Rug

How about a realistic life size faux Bear skin rug for your Man Cave? It’s completely hand crafted using only animal friendly materials. It’s unique and fun and will be a conversation piece that that you can proudly have in your basement bar area. Approximately five feet wide by six feet long. You can also consider the FauxPolar Bear Throw Rug. Or even the Plush Black Bear Throw Rug. It’s quality, suede lined, and bear shaped.

Boxing Bear Sculpture

Boxing Bear sculpture

 This fashionable styling black bear sculpture will instantly upgrade the decor in your Man Cave. Get two. It comes in black and white. You can also consider the Black Bear Wall Sculpture.  

Bear Tin Sign

beware of bear warning sign

This beware of Bear tin sign is classic decor for your Man Cave. It’s not only vintage, but  simple and fashionable, waterproof (in case it gets hit by beer), easy to clean (does it need cleaning?), and won’t fade. Your can also consider the Bear Crossing Sign. Or the Bear Family Crossing Sign

Roaring Bear Face Sculpture

roaring bear face sculpture

This striking roaring bear face sculpture is emotionally evocative, fiercely modern, yet remains utterly affordable. The mix of form, light and texture gives a unique feel to this bear decor. The Grizzly Bear is the most powerful predator in North America, a hunter that is not only monstrously strong but cunning as well. The ferocious face of a grizzly bear in mid-roar can be staring you in the face as you hang out in your Man Cave.

Giant Panda Bear Statue

giant panda bear statue

This five-foot-long Panda Bear is happy to lend her furry snout to attract attention and smile for photo ops as a black and white showpiece in your Man Cave. Sculpted with details from round ears to textured fur and plodding paws, this large-scale, display-quality, Asian animal statue is sure to make any basement bar area truly magnificent. You can also consider the Growling Black Bear Life-Size Statue for the cost of a used Yugo. Or the Sitting Brown Bear Statue. It’s 89 inches in height. And fairly expensive. 

Bear Butler Tray Table

Bear butler tray

This exquisite and creative bear butler table tray will instantly enhance the taste and style of your Man Cave decor. Perfect for resting your drinks while you watch football. You can also consider the Polar Bear Butler Table Tray.

Black Bear Accent Table

black bear side accent table

The meticulous attention to craftsmanship and intricate details in the design of this surprise bear side table showcase a level of artistry that will add character and uniqueness to your Man Cave. And it’s so cute. Your spouse will appreciate it. You can also take a look at the Black Bear End Table. Or the Black Bear Rustic Pedestal Table.

Bear Mountain Wall Art

Bear Mountain Wall Art

This colorful Bear mountain wall art is unique and one of a kind. It will keep you motivated and  make your Man Cave full of life. A simple piece of art such as this can greatly change your environment and ultimately your mood. And you want to stay positive when your spending time in your basement bar area. You can also take a look at the Brown Bear in the Mountain Wall Canvas. Or the Rainsoft Bear Canvas. Take a look. And yes, they do have a Bears Playing Poker Photo.

Bear Pint Glass

Bear Pint Glass

Enjoy a pint of Guinness in your Man Cave in this simple handcrafted Bear glass. You can also consider the more traditional looking Bear Pint Glass. And while you’re at it, you can add the visually stunning handmade Bear Whiskey Glasses to your glassware collection. Take a look. Finally, you can consider other Pint Glasses as well.

Bear Coaster Set

Bear Coaster Set

These Bear slate drink coasters are made of natural material, and have rubber feet on the bottom so they won’t scratch your Home Bar. And they’ll impress your friends. You can also take a look at the Rustic Bear Coaster Set. Or the Sleeping Black Bear Coaster SetFinally, you can consider other Cool Coasters as well.