Barrel Table

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We think a barrel table of some sort will provide a unique rustic feel for your Man Cave. There are plenty of options if you’re leaning toward a barrel shaped piece of furniture. You can consider a pub table with seating, such as the Wine Barrel Table. Also, you can consider some type of side or end table. Or even a coffee table to place adjacent to your Man Cave Seating. How about utilizing this Authentic Bourbon/Whiskey Barrel as an end table. Oh, and if you have some carpenter skills, you can always make a Table From a Whiskey Barrel. In addition, you can also learn How to Build a Whiskey Barrel Coffee Table.  Still, we think it’s easiest just to find something you like and purchase it.

Here are our five barrel table options you can consider for your Man Cave.

Coffee Table

wine barrel coffee table

This coffee table is made from an authentic reclaimed oak barrel. And it has a pine wood top. It’s sanded and stained with an espresso coating. Further, this hand finished piece meets rustic with class. It will become it’s own conversation piece. The overall size is as follows: 37 ” long x 30″ wide x 18″ tall. It’s safe for indoor or outdoor use, but belongs in your Man Cave. You can also consider another Whiskey Barrel Coffee Table, which has a top made of reclaimed barn wood. It’s worth taking a look at. 

Whiskey Pub Table and Chairs

whiskey barrel table and chairs

Accent End Table

barrel accent end table

Whiskey Bourbon Barrel Table

whiskey bourbon barrel table

Round Table with Storage

round table with storage